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Dive equipment

Almost all accessories and diving items that are still needed when diving in the lake or sea can be found here. Whether diving knife, diving bags in different designs and sizes. Diving lamps, diving buoys or only fin straps.

Oceama torches Spider (T-3000)

Diving torch Spider

Our bestseller - super-bright dive light with 3 Cree LED and a chip output of about 3000 lumens for all diving applications ideally suited. The lamp has 4 dimming levels (100% / 50% / 25% / 10%) as well as 3 flash / emergency levels incl. SOS function. The lamp has a 10Grad spot with wide angle halo, burning time about 60min at 100% brightness

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Oceama Video- and photo torches Calmar


super small, 260 grams light, bright
Photo & video lamp (2000 lumens) 100 ° Wide angle
dimmable 100% / 50%, switchable to red LEDs,
Length 13.1 cm, lamp head diameter 4.2 cm
including ball mount, hand strap,
26650 battery (5000 mAh), charger, transport box

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Oceama diving torches Bonito

Diving torch Bonito

Small, very light and powerful spot beam lamp with 10 ° spot and wide angle sight and a chip output of 1200 lumens for all scuba divers and especially Tec divers (optimal backup lamp) ideally suited. Burning time approx. 2 hours at 100% brightness
EAN 0751127832356

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Oceama Base plate for UW camera / lamps / flash

Base plate for camera / lamps / flash

Professional base frame for easy mounting of the camera, photo arms and lamps or flashes

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