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What applies to gloves and booties also applies to diving suits. Not only the right size is important but also the material thickness of the neoprene, according to the water temperature. Diving suits are also available in the shorty, tropical suit, wet suit, semi-dry or dry suit versions. Whatever it is, I would be happy to advise you. Or are you looking for an undersuit for your drysuit? In my online shop you will find the manufacturers Bare, Cressi Sub, Hollis and Oceanic. More Neoprene in the Socks and Gloves categories.

Cressi neoprene suits MED X Lady, Shorty 2,5

MED X Lady, Shorty 2,5 mm

One-piece shorty in 2,5 mm double-lined neoprene.
Perfect for snorkeling, dives in tropical waters, swimming, sailing, and water sports in general.

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